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Zaake conditions deteriorates family turns to God

Nsereko visiting Zaake

Kampala central member of parliament Muhammed Nsereko has given updates on the the current state of Mityana municipality member of parliament hon Francis Zaake who is currently admitted at Rubaga hospital.

Early in the morning, there was report on social media report that the legislator had passed on.

According to Nsereko, Zaake is still in critical condition and would requires further medical examination.

Using official Facebook, Nsereko released the statement below.

Hon Francis Zaake is still in critical condition just been there.
He is still alive by God’s will but he needs immediate and further medical examination.
We are doing all it takes to achieve this.
Thanks to Hon Nantaba Idah for having come to visit Hon Zaake, being in government should not make people blind.
Thans for standing by your fellow members of parliament and friends.
We shall make all effort to see that all our colleagues and citizens in prison are free to get adequate medical attention and that they are also finally free.
Don’t ask what others have done, just ask yourself what you have done.
Every effort counts.
May God accept.

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