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You’re Judas Iscariot, Bishop curses State house

by James Ateenyi

The Bishop of the Diocese of Lango Prof Alfred Olwa has spelled curses on a team of fraudsters who solicited money from St Katherine Girls Secondary School in Boroboro, claiming they are from State House.

The school is under the proprietorship of the Diocese of Lango as the Foundation body.

Speaking as Chairman Board of the prestigious school, Prof Alfred Olwa likened the fraudsters to Judas Iscariot who betrayed his master Jesus for 10 shekels.

Bishop Alfred Olwa says such theft by trickery is an act of playing with the future of children who study at the school.

On Friday, two people were arrested for defrauding the head teacher of St Katherine Girls secondary school, Rose Nangwala Nakwagaala of 6 million shillings.

They include a UPDF intelligence officer identified as Andrew Napita and a one Mike Adoko.
They reportedly claimed to have come from the state house anti corruption unit and had gone to the school to investigate alleged corruption practices at the school.

They claimed the school was running a secret account where students’ school fees would be wired and later the money would be withdrawn and distributed among the leaders.

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