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You reap what you sow, repent and be patient, Museveni to Sheema people

by Odongo Christopher

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni on Wednesday last week went to Sheema district in Western Uganda to celebrate the ruling National Resistance Movement party victory in he recently concluded by elections in Sheema north and Sheema municipality contituencies.

Museveni praised the voters in the area for always voting the ruling party in big numbers numbers and urged them to continue supporting the party.

The president also asked the residents of Sheema district to be patient with him and stop worrying over “small things” because he is still in charge of the country.

“Don’t worry about anything we Shall tarmac the roads.You should also repent the sin of little faith ,You are like disciples who became impatient with Jesus when they were crossing the lake. We have constructed Ishaka-Kagamba road and many others, so we shall not fail to work on this one. Be patient with me,” said Museveni,” Museveni said.

“What you sow is what you reap, I know this area very well. All these developments were not there before. Thank you for voting NRM all time” he added.

The president promised to fulfil all pledges by the ruling National Resistance Movement adding that there is no need for locals to shift to the opposition because opposition do not have any agenda for the country.

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