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Words from Mathias Walukagga to Ugandans over Kyarenga concert

by James Ateenyi

Veteran musician Mathias Walukagga has added his voice to the cancellation of Bobi Wine concert at Namboole Stadium.

Walukagga joins millions of other Ugandans who have been showing their disappointment at the way the management of the national Stadium acted by cancelling what would have been the biggest music concert in 2018.

The Bakowu singer said it is disrespectful to the music industry and Bobi Wine in particular to just toss someone around without giving him clear reasons calling on artists to unite and fight for their rights.

The Kadongo Kamu Super Star Walukagga has also vowed never to attend Uganda Cranes Matches in Namboole in protest of Bobiwines’s Concert ban from the largest Stadium.

He called on opposition members and Ugandans in general to send strong message to the Ruling government by boycotting whatever event is organised at Namboole Stadium by pro-government and other people who works with National Resistance Movement.

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