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Woman arrested for stealing goods worthy 20millions from a friend

by Odongo Christopher

NTINDA: Police has arrested a woman who stole merchandise worth 20 million shillings from a friend’s shop. Diana Babirye 28 years ago resident of Kitintale was arrested by police after stealing goods from a shop belonging to a friend identified as Peace Tusingwire located in Ntinda Kigoowa. She later hid these goods at another friend’s place where police recovered them from.

Kampala Metropolitan Police spokesperson Luke Owoyesigire said that Babirye first had a rumour that her friend Babirye had was tired of the shop business and was looking for another job.

“It’s surprising that some one betrays a friend and steals her goods like Babirye did. She went and opened her friend’s shop and took almost everything.
However Ntinda Police officers were able to recover them.” Owoyesigire said.

He noted that one time Tusingwire left Babirye jb her shop which gave opportunity to Babirye to duplicate the hop keys. He was a terrible able to open the shop and steal the merchandise.
The goods were recovered from Luzira Kirombe and taken to Ntinda Police station.

Babirye’s phone was tracked through the people she has been calling.

She admitted having stolen these goods and blamed it on spirits that attack her and force her to involve in the acts such as stealing, night dancing and others.
She was however unable to explain how she got Tusingwire’s shop keys.

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