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Witch doctor busted selling human remains for ugx 50000

by James Ateenyi
witch doctor

witch doctorMany people would be surprised to how far someone can go to earn a living, according to disturbing reports we  have got, a  55 year old resident in Iganga district has been arrested by the police and charged with disturbing peace of the dead. The  suspect  goes by name Patrick Kiyimba, a resident of Buyenbe village, ibulanku Subcounty in Iganda district.

Patrick is believed to have exhumed the late Mikayiri Nakalanga and selling the remains to a fellow resident (Saleh Kazira) in the area for witch rituals. The deceased was buried almost  6 years a go and her remains went for as far as only Ugx 50,000. Siraj Kigazi the local chairman made the suspect to confess which prompted him to call the police to take him and be charged.

In his defense Patrick said he was tempted by the 50,000 promised to him by Saleh if he could deliver the remains to him more preferably the latter wanted a male be exhumed but Kiyimba couldn’t get the one specified thus going for a female.

According to witnesses Kiyimba was found near the opened grave and the remains were no where to be found. This made them to arrest him and be brought to the local authorities to find out exactly what could have happened.


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