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Winnie Kiiza asked to join NRM in order to get fat appointment

by Odongo Christopher

Former opposition Leader Winnie Kiiza

National Resistance Movement (NRM) has warned Ugandans against trusting opposition Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) with power saying Uganda would end up in war if the opposition took charge.

The revelation was made by Dr Tanga Odoi who is the ruling party Electoral Commission chairperson. Odoi said the decision by the party members to resist the recent opposition cabinet reshuffle is a proof enough that the oppositions are not fighting for the liberation of Ugandans but are struggling for their own stomachs. He further claimed that opposition parties are not ready for taking over the country and should stop demanding for change in Uganda.

Odoi added that Ugandans are wise enough and would not make such mistakes to vote people who are just power hungry to take charge of the country.

He called upon those who are disgruntled with FDC to join ruling National Resistance Movement revealing that it is that party that is more organized and will accommodate their views.

He added that NRM has many slots in parliament and all those who are fighting for limited slots within oppositions to jump the ship so that they can get appointments in various committee in the august house.

“Those people who are fighting for few slots available for oppositions in parliament should do themselves favor and join NRM so that they can get appointment in parliament and eat comfortably.” Odoi said.

He called upon Ugandans to shun oppositions with their lies stating that they are just confusing the country that the have alternation policies as far as ruling Uganda is concerns.

“Have they ever given you people their alternative policy? The answer is no. They are only good at shouting. Ugandans should not listen to them because they have nothing to offer”. Odoi remarked.

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He made the comment while updating the nation on the preparation for NRM primaries for new districts.

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