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Winnie Byanyima has added her voice on the divisions within opposition

by Odongo Christopher

Oxfam International Executive director and wife of Uganda opposition leader Eng Winnie Byanyima has said Uganda need a united opposition in order to speed up the struggle against president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni with aim of dislodging him from state house as soon as possible.

Byanyima who is also the former Mbarara municipality member of parliament was adding her voice on the recent cracks and divisions within opposition political parties which came to the limelight following the opposition cabinet reshuffle announced by FDC party president one week ago.

Byanyima also took a swipe at her husband who earlier said that the MPs do not play an important role in ensuring regime change in Uganda.

However, Byanyima said that MPs plays a very crucial role in strengthening democracy and protection human rights in the country.
‘‘No! Parliament is an important platform where laws are made and public budgets are allocated. Our elected leaders have a critical role to play in deepening democracy and defending human rights.’ Byanyima said.

She further said there is need for team work and unity within oppositions in order to pile more pressure on the ruling party.

She called upon Former Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) presidents Dr Kizza Besigye and General Mugisha Muntu to come together as one to fight for a common cause in order to confront the leadership of president Museveni.

She asked the opposition leadership to work on achieving common goals that will benefit all Ugandans other than struggling for individual benefits.

Her remarks come few days following the media reports that claimed that at least 22 FDC MPs are planning to break away from the main opposition party in Uganda in order to form their own political party which will be headed by Gen Mugisha Muntu.

Muntu on Tuesday was seen in Arua campaigning publicly against the party flag bearer in Arua municipality Bruce Musema in favor of an independent candidate Kasiano Wadri.

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