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Why Nantaba is in bitter split with Sabiti, Rugunda and Museveni

by James Ateenyi

If you didn’t know why Minister Idah Nantaba is ranting and bashing big people especially Deputy IGP Gen.Mzee Sabiiti, just read this.

On Saturday she used her thanksgiving to declare war on Sabiiti, Fred Enanga and UCC’s Godfrey Mutabazi. She said Sabiiti is her top enemy number one. She claimed there are rogue-minded people in government wanting to kill her.


Since absenting herself in Togikwatako vote in December 2017, Nantaba hasn’t been having easy access with her superiors in government including PM Rugunda and the President. Yet the Togikwatako saga came at a time Nantaba was struggling to reconstruct her large security entourage consisting of elite guards.

The decision to trim her security detail was implemented by Gen Sabiiti reportedly after her escorts got involved in an ugly incident in Bukamba village Nazigo Sub County where supporters of her opponent were badly beaten for showing hostility to her.

Fearing this would shame government, Sabiiti who was then heading military police was assigned to act and that’s how Nantaba remained with fewer escorts.

It’s because of this that she seems to have never forgiven Sabiiti among whom she demonized on Saturday. She would ordinarily have reported to the President but can’t get him easily because of Togikwatako debacle.

Knowledgeable sources say she is now exaggerating the threat to her life to blackmail the President and get back the long convoy. She was even angrier seeing Sabiiti she was fighting getting even promoted recently.

Nantaba is also paranoid because of political isolation especially in Nazigo where her popularity declined after her escorts badly beat people prompting the military to diminish her convoy. She needs a big convoy again to cow her opponents since 2021 elections is near. She is at war with majority Kayunga leaders which increases nervousness.

These include LC5 boss Tom Serwanga, Bbale MP Nsamba Kumama and the decision by her brother MP Amos Lugolobi to shun the Saturday event further demoralized her. Of the 9 LC3 Chairmen in Kayunga only two (Bbale Sub County’s Godfrey Kitasimbwa and Kayunga T/C mayor Majid Nyanzi) attended the Saturday prayers.

The others couldn’t because she fights them. The CAO Ashaba and Town Clerk Margaret Nansubuga all shunned it because they don’t like her. More annoying was the fact that even some SDA Christians (who broke away from Bukoloto SDA after her people destroyed speakers donated by one of her rivals) stayed away.

The splinter group which left Bukoloto protesting her bad attitude towards them now have their own church at a place called Ntooke clearly showing she can’t even count on the SDA block vote anymore

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