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Why Mugisha Muntu resignation from FDC is good for FDC

by James Ateenyi

If it is true that former FDC President Gen. Mugisha Muntu is on his way out of FDC, I think it is good for both FDC and Muntu. The party has been stuck in unending disequilibrium because of the uncertainty and distrust within its top leadership.

So it is good for those who don’t believe in the policies and direction of the party to leave. Why stress? Its not like Uganda is going to end today.

One of the biggest problems of FDC, in my view, is not policy per se, but egos. FDC attracted a lot of heavy political weights…including Dr. Besigye, Gem.Mugusha Muntu, Amanya Mushega, Katuntu, Musumba, Wafula Ogutu, Nandala Mafabi, among others.

It is naturally hard to maintain very many bulls in the same room. FDC is suffering from being too good. It is rich on leaders…and that can be both a beauty and burden.

The other problem is the sense of entitlement. All these guys feel they made FDC. Everyone feels they own a certain piece of FDC. It is not about what the majority decide but how the big shots feel.

Many of these guys look at each other as peers. Each of them believes, rightly or wrongly, that he or she is capable of being the President, flag bearer of FDC or President of Uganda…and that they should be.

There is an irritating sense of entitlement in many parties. It is not just FDC. In DP…some people feel they are more DP than others. In UPC, there is a family that owns the party and if you are not from certain cycles…you are kinda half UPC. So FDC is suffering from a flu that has ravaged all political societies in Uganda. In the case of Muntu, It is either me…or I leave FDC.

Since people have kept voting for Dr. Besigye or others, some big shots within FDC feel like they are blowing away their chances of tasting the top leadership of the party or even getting a chance at becoming President in case FDC miraculously took power.
Muntu has always been interested in giving a shot at Presidency but the voters have always

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