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What Kayihura told his colleagues on arrival at General Court Martial

by Odongo Christopher

Kayihura arriving at court martial

The former Inspector General of Police (IGP) has on Friday morning arrived at Makindye General Court Martial where he will be charged with offense he committed during his time as an IGP. Kayihura clad in military Combat, arrived at 10:06 AM and was being driven in an army green Land cruiser. He was escorted by two Military Patrol Vehicles filled with bodyguards. He entered the court building through the rear gate and entered a room which was filled with junior officers.

He will appear before a panel headed by Lt General Andrew Guti for trial, on charges that are yet to be confirmed.

Kayihura’s relatives, friends and lawyers of Kampala and Company Advocates have at the moment occupied their seats in Court.

Hundreds of people had also gathered at the General Court Martial in Makindye prior to his arrival. Among them is a group of people dressed in black T-shirts with inscriptions “We stand with Gen Kayihura ” and others, “We stand with the Truth and Justice”.

Kayihura was heard telling his some of his colleagues who turned up at the court the court that the wait has been long overdue.

“Finally, we are here we have been waiting for this for long time.” Kayihura was heard telling his comrades.

This is the first time that Kayihura is appearing before court since his arrest in June.

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