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Western world sounds war drum on Uganda and Rwanda

by James Ateenyi

France has advised its nationals against travelling to Rwanda following border tensions with her neighbouring countries including Uganda and Burundi.

The French Foreign Affairs ministry has on Friday last week issued the travel advisory warning those who want to enter or stay in Uganda and of serious security risks.

According to France, the volatile areas includes Rwanda-Uganda boarder, Rwanda-Burundi boarder, Nyungwe forest and Volcanoes National Park, home to the famed gorillas.

France urged its citizens to suspend any planned travel near the Uganda-Rwanda border, “due to the current tensions between Rwanda and Uganda.”

“Given the risk of incident, it is not recommended to go to the Volcanoes National Park,” the advisory said. On the Volcanoes National Park, France says there is a risk of “an incident.”

France said that, due to multiple incidents in the recent past in areas around Nyungwe Forest, the border between Rwanda and Burundi, “it is not advisable to trek through the Nyungwe Forest and cross the forest through National Road 6 to or from Nyamagabe.”

Sources indicate that several other western embassies including US, UK, Germany mong others could follow France footsteps in issuing travel advisories on Rwanda if Kagame does not stop aggression towards neighbouring countries with the most recent being his unilateral closure of the border with Uganda in February.

Apparently, Canada has also issued a travel advisory to Rwanda requesting her citizens to “exercise a high degree of caution in Rwanda due to the ongoing insecurity in some neighbouring countries.”

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