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Wealthy minister loves tycoon wife, kidnapped him

by James Ateenyi

Report coming indicates that about 10 armed men putting on military uniforms on Sunday afternoon around 13:00hrs kidnapped Lira tycoon, his family members.

According to reliable sources who spoke to this website and asked not to be named, Kisembo, together with his family members were heading home after attending a mass in one of the churches in Luzira, a Kampala suburb.

Dr. Diini Emmanuel Kisembo, Director of Health Center Point, and Giraffe Supermarket, all located at Oyite Ojok Lane, in Lira town – together with his family members are all missing – reports reveal.

Dr. Kisembo is also the Executive Director of Bunyoro Kitara Youth Initiatives for Development.

A prominent Kampala prophet, widely known to be a mafia and used for “deals” and another senior city lawyer were among kidnappers cited at the time of kidnap, we have learnt and embarked on investigating its truth.

“They were disembarked from the car, pushed into another car by armed men,” sources say.

We are further told that this kidnap was financed by one of the Uganda’s state ministers who has been in love with Kisembo’s housewife since 2016.

“On noticing that Kisembo had known his intimacy, love affairs with his wife, the minister (whose names will be disclosed at an appropriate time), hired men with motives of “eliminating” Kisembo.

This Minister, also an MP, sources in the corridors of Parliament told us that “he’s a brave womanizer”.

“He chews your wife or girlfriend to hurt, and he uses ‘power of money’. He’s an absolute sexpest,” a colleague legislator says.

Early this year Dr. Kisembo showed interest to vie for Buyaga East MP seat come 2021 polls on NRM ticket.

The minister, according to sources has been giving sh10m weekly to new wife, with interest to win her heart completely.

By press time, Kisembo, his family whereabouts are still unknown.

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