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We are not worried of evil Bobi Wine, we shall crush them – General Tumwine

by Odongo Christopher

General Elly Tumwine

Minister for security General Elly Tumwine has cautioned Uganda opposition politicians to watch their steps as they play politics of the country. Tumwine who shot the first bullet during the war that brought Yoweri Museveni to power said some foreign actors who want to change the leadership Uganda are working with some politicians to destabilize the country through violent protests.

Appearing on NBS focal point, Tumwine called on those who are not satisfied with the way the country is being run to engage in dialogue with the ruling party.

“Every citizen of a country has a role to play in security, that is what we have done. The plan is to continue that engagement, improve on our technology methods like cameras on the streets. There were NGOs and people going around the country and teaching people to hate their country, it had become a business. We engaged them and told them their are better ways to get money.” Tumwine said

He revealed that NRM has managed to stay in power for 33 years because they have been engaging those who do not agree with them.

“We have succeeded all these years, why we won the war was because of engaging the people. Many young people have not achieved this because of poor parenting, when children are not parented well, they will lack moral values. They will think everything they want they will do it, that is why some of them are used by wrong people.” He added.

He said Bobi Wine and his group are just evil people who have access to microphone and do not have any agenda for the country.

“Walk to work came and it was defeated. A new wave(putting on red) started at parliament. It is the same group: Bobi Wine, Zaake, Karuhanga etc. You have these politicians with evil politicians who have access to the microphone… The enemies of Uganda who don’t wish us well are at work, they tried this in China.” Tumwine fumed.

Tumwine who fought democratically elected government of Milton Obote, asked those who want change to wait for election period because it is the only constitutionally accepted means of changing the regime.

‘Change is done through a vote. Once you leave that and get the guts to stone the president’s convoy! You do not create a situation and then when you are beaten you complain. If you have people power let them vote for you. We overthrown a government systematically, with the people. There are people demonstrating in Kenya yet they have enough problems. We have evidence that the media is paid to paint a bad image for Uganda. ” Tumwine asserted.

This is the second time in less than a week Tumwine is warning opposition supporters against engaging in street protests.

Must readArmy will not allow Bobi Wine to ruin our country, Gen Tumwine warns.

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