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We are going to reward opposition boss with a fat job says NRM

by James Ateenyi

The ruling National Resistance Movement party has promised to reward Democratic Party LC V candidate for Busia district Deogratius Njoki that he will be rewarded with government job should he lose the upcoming election.

Njoki was appointed by president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni as a member of the Uganda Human Rights Commission but opted to declined the appointment and continued to race for Busia LCV chair.

“Appointments are meant to go anywhere, whether you belong to NRM or FDC or any other party, there is nothing to make noise about with this particular appointment of DP’s Deo,” said Rogers Mulindwa, the NRM communications officer.

He added: “It happens when you have been unemployed, you keep trying here and there and though he took the decision to turn down the appointment, that was poor mathematics because if you compare the two jobs, the appointment was a better offer.”

Mulindwa was appearing on NTV added that the physical appearance of Njoki shows that he is stressed. He looks like he really wanted the job but was forced by the party to take a different decision for fear of embarrassment.

“NRM is still popular. Actually, we have lost a few Parliamentary seats because of vote rigging by the opposition,” he continues.

Mulindwa went on: “I actually want to advise Mr Deo that in case he loses the election, let him swallow his pride and come back to us. We shall accommodate him.”

Mulindwa said if he was offered an opportunity to serve for five years, even where the remunerations look better and then he subjects himself to an election to be in office for two years, he thinks that mathematics is not right.

In Butebo, the Opposition couldn’t afford a single candidate. If political parties in Uganda can fail to find a single candidate, he noted.

“A senior six holder to carry their flag in a district, I don’t think they are worth the competition.”

He added: “Dealing with the Opposition in Uganda is not a big deal, you don’t need extra energy and by the way, those you think are strong in itheir camps have a relationship with us.”

DP Spokesperson, Paul Kenneth Kakande, said the party sat with Njoki and he was advised by the party and yes, he accepted the advice and turned down the appointment to stay in the race.

“We didn’t force him, we just advised him.”

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