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We are finished, shocking details on DFCU bank emerges

by James Ateenyi

Have you ever wondered why DFCU Bank doesn’t report to police cases of money stolen from the Bank? Now get ready for shocking news.

The bank is actually involved in some very dirty deals with Ugandan Mafias, this wall will soon expose the biggest Bank Hack in Ugandans history that left DFCU with 10 billion of dirty missing. The bank never reported the matter to police, WHY? HOW DID THEY FIX THIS?

The big story is coming, Uganda Police is currently holding a suspect who we can reliably say is more of a witness than a suspect.

DFCU bank has for long been laundering money, cleaning corruption money in all it’s branches, now the bank has lost 10 billion belonging to Mafias they can’t report the case to police but want their money back, they have resorted to hiring killers to hunt down the hackers in order to recover the money outside the law since the money itself is earned fraudulently and kept in the bank illegally.

Again a big story is coming.

We are going to take this slow and in parts, remember we break the stories and others follow.

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Abdunoor July 14, 2019 - 04:17

Mafias will exist and continue with such scandals until M7 and his crew is out of Ugandan leadership


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