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Walukagga side dish drops him for Pastor Yiga’s son

by Odongo Christopher


A month ago Da Nu Eagle director and singer Irene Namatovu fired one of the band promising singers called Sasha Bryton , over her closeness to her husband Geoffrey Lutaya.

The upcoming singer was reported very close to to Kadongo Kamu singer Mathias Walukagga.

It was revealed that, Sasha has been driving car donated by Walukagga. However, latest information on grapevine reveals that Sasha seems to have dropped Walukagga for top director of ABS TV who is eldest son Kawala Revival Church boss Pastor Augustine Yiga.

The two lover birds are head over heals for each other. We have learnt that the top director has already ordered for unlimited airplay of Sasha music to be played on ABS TV top play list.

Information reveals that the director is promising to revive her music career and soon she is likely to head pastor Yiga revival band. We shall keep you posted.

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