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Violence in Nebbi municipality over disputed election results

by Odongo Christopher

Bobi Wine during campaign trails in Nebbi

Nebbi Municipality FDC aspirants in recently concluded municipality election Robert Onega has gone to Court seeking for vote recounts. Onega who came second to NRM Sulaiman Hashim believed he has been cheated and election has been mars with irregularity. He said he raised many complaints to the Electoral Commission officials but they he was ignored.

Yesterday a group of angry youths staged a violent demonstration in Nebbi and burnt down houses belonging to EC officials accusing them of conniving with ruling party to rig the election.

Calm has returned in the area but the situation remains tense. The electoral commission declared Hashim the winner having beaten his close rival with a margin of just 100 votes.

Many residents we spoke to said they don’t  believes in what has been announced by Electoral Commission saying it was not the actual results which were declared at the poling stations.

FDC president Patrick Amoriat Oboi said the NRM rigged the election and rejected the outcome of Nebbi poll saying they would challenge the results.

In 2011 a violent protest broke down in Nebbi after Court declared Okumu Robert of NRM as the elected chairman of Nebbi district. The voters then rejected the results saying independent Ezrom Alenyo has won the seat. The violence lead to burning down of police station and NRM offices in Nebbi.

Police said they have deployed heavily in Nebbi to prevent the re-occurrence of 2011 incident which resulted in deaths and destruction of properties worth millions.

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