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UPDF raid, overrun market as fears grips the locals

by Odongo Christopher

The UPDF forces opened fire on Panyimur market vendors, one of the biggest regional markets in Uganda.

The men who were armed to teeth, raided and overran the market as vendors took off for their dear life.

This happened on Monday 22nd when the armies invaded the market. They repeatedly opened fire at fish vendors in the market trying to seize their goods and forcing them to close the market. No injuries were reported from the incident though. The reasons for both invading and shootings remained unknown.

However, according to the public, it is alleged that the armies had an intention of confiscating people’s fish on unknown grounds.

Their invasion was not informed and acknowledged by the area local authorities like the Police, LC1, LC3, Town Council leaders and when inquiries were made from where the armies could have come from, their leaders denied of authorising this kind of operations and claimed they didn’t know about it.

Simply, from the public point of view, these armies had come to steal traders’ fish but they faced strong CIVIL resistance from the public and they took off.

Additional reporting by Ngetha Media Association for Peace

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