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UPDF Generals, top politicians are reportedly on American travel ban list

by Odongo Christopher

There is panic within the Kampala government as reports emerge that top officials are likely to face a travel ban by the United States.

According to credible sources, we have learnt that majority of the people on the said travel ban list are top army generals, politicians and security officials.

This website has also learnt that a top army general who works with one of the security agencies was recently denied a visa by the American Embassy and the said incident has left the Kampala regime baffled.

“We were shocked as to why this young army general who is not associated with any incident was denied a visa. And this isn’t the first time because even in cabinet, a significant number of ministers have recently been bounced at the visa office of this embassy” a source with government told this website.

Another credible regional security expert based in one of the neighbouring countries disclosed to this website “The ongoing embarrassment isn’t only limited to those serving but it also targets those that have served and retired but whose record is associated with impunity” he said before adding “It is a matter of betrayal, this whole unfolding is because of one them (officials) thought he was betrayed and so it is a payback time. So he decided to release all the top secrets and this triggered the ban”

Last week there were allegations that a senior cabinet minister and a state minister were denied visas at this embassy.

What is making the ‘rumour’ credible is the recent travel sanctions imposed on former Inspector General of Police (IGP) Gen. Kale Kayihura.

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