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UPDF attacked by Congolese army destroying military hardware

by Odongo Christopher

Two highly trained and experienced UPDF sharp shooters and at least 3 civilians have been killed following attacks on the army marine boat by armed personnel believed to be rebel group in Lake Edward.

The attack took place on July 5 2018 as the army was trying to rescue Ugandans captured by suspected rebels near DR Congo boarder. UPDF Fisheries Protection Unit commander Lt Col James Nuwagaba confirmed the development. He said the attackers users lethal weapon suspected to be bombs to sink the UPDF marine boat killing everyone on board. Guns and other military equipment were also destroyed. The bodies of the victims were shattered and could not be recovered only one skull and clothes were retrieved.

The army has taken the skull to military doctor for DNA test to find out whose skull was it.
Since discovery of oil at the albertine grabben, there has been increasing tensions between DR Congo government and Uganda on Lake Edward and Lake Albert which both sides accusing the other for harassing their fishermen.

The marine unit is highly trained UPDF unit that falls under SFC an elite army unit that guards president and first family.
The army blamed the attacks on Congolese and promised to revenge. They also asked government to compensate the dead soldiers. UPDF has been leading crackdown on illegal fishing on order of Camamder in Chief and Uganda president General Yoweri Museveni. In June year at least six Uganda nationals were arrested by Congolese army on Lake Edward accusing them of fishing in their territory. There release was negotiated by government after several meetings between senior government officials from both countries.

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