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UPDF And Police arrest 14 suspected militants in border operation

by James Ateenyi

Joint security operation on Lake Albert has seen at least 14 Congolese fishermen arrested and four boats impounded.

Joint team of Uganda Peoples Defense Forces (UPDF) and Uganda Police Force carried out operations in Buseruka Sub County, Hoima district on Easter Sunday.

Albertine region police spokesperson Julius Hakiza says the operation was meant “to restore sanity and secure Ugandans who have always been tormented by these Congolese.”

The suspects have been identified as; Barathum, Bedijo Distave, Jakuma Agenonga Alikie Ocendi, Owonda pilogo, Toguo otum, Paapi Abekani and Jaa Abonga. Others are; Usaaga Goal, Afuuru, Sariba Obema, Omirambe, Pitua Gama and Otimu Elemu. They are currently being held at Hoima Central Police Station.

Police said they will be produced in Court and charged with illegal entry and being in possession of narcotics. The security operation follows an outcry from Ugandan fishermen over rampant raids on water by the Congolese militia, who have often kidnapped and killed some of them, robbed their boats and money.

The arrest of the Congolese follows improved relations between Uganda and Democratic Republic of Congo, under new President Felix Tshiseked.

Since it’s inauguration in January, the new government in Congo has since promised more cooperation in aiding a hunt for the militia groups in the country’s restive eastern part, responsible for numerous atrocities among them raids on Ugandan fishermen on Lake Albert.

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