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University on spotlight for conducting lectures in Runyakore

by James Ateenyi

Lecturers at Mbarara based Bishop Stuart University (BSU) are in the spotlight for allegedly resorting to use of Runyankole, a local dialect to conduct classes.

Students at the University who mostly hail from the faculties of education and business blamed the lecturers for explaining hard terms of the course units in Runyakore which has left a number of other dialect speaking students in the darkness of language barrier.

In the past months, Bishop Stuart University has been battling several court summons subjected as its students accuse the University and its top administration of not respecting the rights of students.

According to some of the students, the lecturers do not only switch to explain in Runyakore language but others have made it a norm to teach the entire lecture in the local language.

“BSU lecturers deliver their lectures in Runyakore and I have personally heard lecturers do that especially in the faculty of Education. Perhaps their intention is to make students understand but I totally disagree that it is the right mode of instruction at this level,” one of the students told The Campus Gazette.

However, the University has not yet made any comments regarding these accusations or even issue a warning to the lecturers.

To the complaining students, the use of local language to instruct at the University level shameful and backward

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