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Tumukunde is so dangerous, keep away from him,  Museveni warns

by Odongo Christopher

Reliable sources have disclosed to this website how Tororo North MP Annet Nyakecho, once a blue-eyed girl of the President, gradually lost the favor of big man YK Museveni.

That because even when he worked with him closely to in mid 2010s to overcome Amama Mbabazi in the run up to 2016 elections, Museveni always knew Gen Henry Tumukunde (renowned for being anti-authority) would fall out with him some day.

And as such he was always cautious about his future political intentions and plans. In all this, Museveni was referencing on credible intelligence reports showing that Tumukunde’s original plan was to stand for President as early as 2006 but Museveni circumvented that by objecting to his retirement from the army. The constant was that this political dream hadn’t been extinguished as we now know.

Indeed, it was during that time (the mid 2000s) that Tumukunde drove to both CBS and Radio One and accused the CiC of turning UPDF into a prison of sorts to gag politically ambitious generals as he buys time for them to age into political irrelevancy.

Knowing the role the media was going to increasingly play in subsequent political narratives, Tumukunde had as early as 2001 recruited influential media debaters like Tamale Mirundi, Siraje Lubwama, Betty Nambooze and others. Indeed, Mirundi’s getting the Press Secretary job had a lot to do with Tumukunde’s presidential ambitions.

One Friday morning, Tumukunde (who says he used to bankroll Mirundi then as DG ISO) drove to the green space called Freedom Square near Clock Tower along Entebbe Road. He rung Mirundi, who was already ranting that Elly Kayanja (a Tumukunde rival and Deputy at ISO) had used his position to unleash violence against his supporters in Kyotera County for which he desired to become MP in 2001, to join him there.

They sat somewhere under a tree shed and began discussing things. They had been meeting here on many earlier occasions and unknown to them, intelligence had been trailing them. It’s from here that Tumukunde the ISO chief would share intelligence leaks to enrich Mirundi’s anti-government contributions on talk shows like Mambo Bado, Kiriza Obagana etc on CBS where he had taken up full employment. Acting on precise intelligence, Museveni drove by and saw them himself seated and in an intense discussion. On reaching State House Entebbe, he rang Mirundi (who was already very critical of NRM) asking “where are you?”

He implored him not to lie because he was aware of everything treasonous they had for months been meeting with Tumukunde to discuss with other media influencers like Betty Nambooze who used to move mountains on Mambo Bado which was a very popular Kimeza program across Buganda. Museveni asked Mirundi to travel to Rwakitura over the weekend and while there, he sought to understand what exactly had annoyed Mirundi to start fighting his government that way. “I know all you have been up to and this friend of yours [Tumukunde] I’m going to arrest him. I will let you go scot free on the assumption that it was your friend misleading you,” Museveni reportedly told Mirundi who was shocked at the extent to which Museveni knew what had been going on between him and ISO DG Henry Tumukunde.

Museveni promised Mirundi he would call him again to State House for more and to agree how they would work together going forward. In the Rwakitura meeting, Mirundi (whose physical appearance and demeanor caused Museveni to conclude he had financially fallen on hard times) narrated all the torture and torment he endured with his supporters at the hands of Elly Kayanja who was deputizing Tumukunde at ISO.

She first came into contact with Tumukunde in 2013/14 as he undertook the President’s assignments in Lango sub region aimed at neutralizing Mbabazi there. As he started his assignment, Tumukunde held meetings with elected leaders among whom was Nyakecho being the woman MP Otuke. From those meetings, the two instantly liked each other.
They began working together very closely and as he went about pacifying Lango, ridding it of Mbabazism, Tumukunde always involved Nyakecho who he considered beautiful, energetic and reliable as a mobilizer. Being a Museveni loyalist herself is perhaps one factor that caused him to entrust her with many political assignments which she delivered to his satisfaction. Museveni, who had been mentoring Nyakecho since her election as first time MP in 2011.

Museveni got to know about this and cautioned her because he knew it was a matter of time before Tumukunde fell out again.

He tried to caution her to keep her distance but Nyakecho couldn’t let Tumukunde go as a political mentor because she was already very vulnerable with Langi voters in Otuke vowing not to reelect her.

“Tumukunde is a very dangerous man, keep away from him because he will spoil you,” Museveni reportedly told Nyakecho.

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