Tuliyambala Engule, Bishop’s secret letter that boosted Bobi presidential bid

Several people have expressed their views on Kyadondo East member of parliament Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine Presidential bid.

Bobi Wine recent announcement has attracted a lot of attention from both ruling National Resistance Movement and oppositions.

Bishop Zac Niringiye, a political activist has also penned a motivational letter to the Ghetto president.

Bishop Zac Niringiye once wrote:
“When I first listened to this song, it struck chords within my faith and longing for a new Uganda.

I have been surprised at pastors who have recently distanced themselves from the song, because of its political message!

I wonder though, what these pastors would say about Martin Luther King and the civil rights movement, whose progress was anchored in Christian songs, with a clear message of hope for freedom and dignity. (And I bet they sometimes refer to Martin Luther King Jr in their sermons). Their hope was inspired by faith and their songs everywhere, propelled them in their journey to freedom from slavery and oppression. Take the music away from the civil rights struggle in America, and I don’t know what you will be left with.

When pastors deny the efficacy of faith-inspired music, they undermine their credibility and the role that faith must play in fighting for a Uganda that’s free of oppression. “

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