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Trump warns Mnangagwa against rigging elections

by Odongo Christopher

Zimbabwe president Emerson Mnangagwa

The United States through its Embassy in Zimbabwe has condemned the brutality meted on unarmed protesters in Harare.

They called on both parties to refrain their supporters from violent act. The calls came after supporters of MDC staged a massive protest that rocked the capital Harare.

Several properties including government offices and vehicles where burnt down by angry protesters who claimed election was rigged in favor of ruling ZANU-PF.

The Embassy further warned the military against use of excessive forces against the civilians. The warning came after the government deployed army tanks on streets of Harare to quell the protesters.

At least three people were confirmed dead and dozen others injured as soldiers took control of the city.

The US noted that the Zimbabwe should not use violence as a mean of solving their grievances and argued for calms as the country awaits final ruling.

Earlier both ruling and oppositions claimed victory in the first election after the regime of Mugabe who ruled the country for 37 years.

Opposition said the ruling party through ZEC is working to subdue the wills of the majority who voted overwhelmingly for change.

They also accused the ZEC of trying to mentally prepared the country for rigged election by releasing the stolen results of parliamentary election first.

They also accused the Electoral Commission of suppressing the votes from the urban area which voted overwhelmingly for oppositions.

The US said the wills of the people should be respected and country should ensure that the result is credible to reflect true democracy.

They urged both ruling part and oppositions to maintain peace and ensure integrity of election is maintained.

The election witnessed high voters turnout with many expressing hope that long awaited change may final come but from provisional results it seems the waits is not yet over for the country where there is no currency and maximum withdrawal from bank is limited to only USD 50 a day.

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