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Tough talking Nambooze tear Abed Bwanika into pieces

by James Ateenyi

Mukono municipality member of parliament Betty Nambooze has attacked SDP president Dr Abed Bwanika calling him a political failure.

Nambooze in a social media post said Bwanika political loyalty is doubtable advising him to go slow on attacking other oppositions.

Below is Nambooze full statement

A wise man once said that even when you’re strong you should never seek to compete in every race. For example if you are a Tiger you don’t join a splint race with dogs,you leave them run their race and compete among themselves.

In the past I would jump very first to defend myself whenever some one would Insinuate that I wasn’t DP enough…I would quickly point to my life membership card and even explain how I got it. I no longer do that anymore…I don’t need to tell anyone that am DP. I can’t compete with Dr.Bwaniika to show who is more DP between the two of us.

Yet Dr.Bwaniika thinks that it’s an insult for me to be told that am not DP,that am FDC. When you go to DP headquarters and ask how many MPs does the party have in Parliament they will say 16,not 15…when I speak in Parliament my words are marked as a DP submission…when President Mao goes to receive the Party share of the Political Party fund,he is given money equivalent to 16 MPs including me….Most probably Bwaniika received facilitation from this money to come to radio/TV and call me his benefactor a non DP….every month I remit my contribution to the running of the Party…most probably the Press conferences at which am denounced are facilitated by this money. The only by-election DP has won since 2016 in Kyotera was led by me…Thanks to the marketability of Hon Robina Ssentongo.

In Mukono the Party branch is run by me and I lead members in recruitment of new members,forming and running the lower branches including those at village levels (602). I campaign for the party candidates and we win together and yes am DP by faith and action. But Be that as it may,I objected to the National Party leadership because of failure to adhere to the Party Constitution…And for the sake of National Politics I work with like minds to fight the dictatorship in Uganda.

I need no introduction and I nolonger participate in debate to prove that am a Woman,Mrs BAKIREKE, a Catholic, a Muganda and a DP member….This am.putting here for you to know why I just keep quite when my brother Bwaniika points at me and loudly declare that am FDC… When Bwanika goes low,I go high for Truth and Justice.

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