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Top government officials features on the mafias leaked top target

by Odongo Christopher

A list of officials being targeted by the alleged ‘mafia’ targeting prime properties of troubled Uganda Telecom (UTL) is being circulated on social media, this website has learnt.

On the list are businessman Patrick Bitature, Investment and Privatisation Minister Evelyne Anite, Uganda Investment Authority board member, Morrison Rwakakamba and head of Privatisation, Moses Mwase.

This comes just hours after Minister Anite said some people in government were planning to kill her.

The Minister also says her movements are also being trailed by the same unnamed people planning to kill her.

“They are trying to follow me everywhere. My car is being trailed and I am not scared of them,” said Anite.

Contacted for comment, Rwakakamba said he would obtain guidance from authorities.

“Well, like many, I also saw the purported hit list with my name on it on social media,” said Rwakakamba, adding, “I haven’t been involved in any situation that should warrant anyone to harm me or my family.”

He said much as TVO Facebook page which first published the list is “undependable, I think I will look into that information carefully and seek advice from authorities.”

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