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Top DJ arrested over Bobi Wine songs

by Odongo Christopher

Clamp down of oppositions by police has been a trend for a long period time and many Ugandans seems to have been taking it as a usual routine work of the police.

The police high handedness has on Sunday taken a new twist after police in Eastern Uganda declared Bobi Wine songs illegal and not suitable for country airplay.

Many people were left disappointed by the security officers in Kamuli town. Just because a DJ in one of the clubs was playing Bobi Wine music….

He was brutally taken away for almost two hours and the all club was surrounded by mean looking officers revellers were asked vacate the place.

“This is so sad that even simple songs are becoming a threat to the regime. But all in we shall over come,” a people power supporter said.

Our efforts to get comments from police didn’t yield anything as police declined to comment on the matter.

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