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Too close to call, Zimbabwe results go to the wire

by Odongo Christopher

Zimbabwe poll

As Zimbabweans awaits the final results of hotly contested presidential election, both president Emerson Mnangagwa and his arch-rival Nelson Chamisa are optimistic of victory.

The voting exercise which ended yesterday was very peaceful and saw a voter’s turnout of about 75 percent.

The incumbent president Mnangagwa said he is receiving good results from across the country. His opponent of Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) also tweeted earlier on Monday claiming to have received results from over 10000 polling stations adding he is ready to form the next government.

Foreign and local poll observers said the race is very tight and the outcome can not be predicted at the moment.

Some local poll observers have however expressed fear about the independence of Zimbabwean Electoral Commission (ZEC) but noted the election has been handled in better way than under former ruler Robert Mugabe.

ZANU-PF, Mnangagwa party said it would concedes results if they lose but many citizens believes the general won’t allow to handover power to opposition especially just few months after toppling Robert Mugabe.

Several media houses and Civil society are gathering their own results but they are not mandated to release any results they have collected until official figure from ZEC is out. However, they noted the result is close and any side can win the poll according to results collected from different polling stations.

Results within Harare, the capital city shows Chamisa is leading with a very wide margins but ZANU-PF is expected to garner more votes in the rural areas as has always been in the past.

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The is heavy deployment of police in the capital Harare with water canon seen patrolling the streets.



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