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The unanswered questions following Nantaba botched assassination

Following the reported botched assasination attempt on Kayunga woman of parliament Idah Nantaba, many questions remains unanswered.

Police in Naggalama reportedly opened fire on the assassins killing one on spot and confiscating the motorcycle.

The identity card and driving licence belonging to the assailant was also displayed.

The incident has however raised a number of unanswered questions with many wondering whether it was stage managed.

1. Who carries a National ID and Driver’s License to an assassination mission?

2. How many people were on the bike?

3. If the dead man was a lone actor, was he able to shoot and at the same time continue riding a heavy sport bike?

4. Why are there no pictures of Nantaba’s bullets riddled car but only those of the bike?

5. How did the alleged second assailant escape?

6. Where is the gun the alleged shooter used?

7. Additionally, were Nantaba’s guards traveling with her or on a separate vehicle? How did they return fire?

8. Also, are there any witnesses who saw what happened besides those involved in this movie?

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