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Tension as opposition calls for nationwide protest

by James Ateenyi

Sections of members of parliament have come out to criticise the manner in which police apply the Public Order Management Act evaluated calling for its evaluation.

While speaking to media from parliament , law makers who included Fred Turyamuheza (Rujumbura County) Francis Mwijukye (Buhweju County) Roland Mugume (Rukungiri Municipality) as well as Joseph Sewungu (Kalungu West) have criticized the selective application of the law calling police act illegal.

The legislators have threatened to take on the law enforcers since human rights organs in the country is sleeping on the job while democratic space in the country is shrinking.

“The party president is meeting executive members of districts, sub-counties or constituencies, police are saying you must produce a letter from the IGP and yet the law is clear that such meetings of recruitment aren’t defined in this law as public meetings. We are saying that police is abusing this law,” Mwijukye said.

Mr. Ssewungu said there is need to have the Public Order Management Act reviewed in the bid to foster a leveled political playing field arguing that failure to carry out an evaluation will lay fertile ground for Police to deliberately attack the country’s political space under the guise of implementing the law.

“We shall not allow this, we are going to fight it but I think it is high time as MPs we carry out evaluation on how the Public Order Management Act has been handled and find out what has happened,” Ssewungu said.

Meanwhile, Forum for Democratic Change president Patrick Amoriat Oboi said they would soon call for nationwide protest if police does not stop blocking Forum for Democratic Change activities.

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