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Teacher sent to jail for slapping student

by James Ateenyi

Court has handed a 3 year jail term to a teacher who was found guilty of slapping a student.
The teacher at Kaaga Girls High School in Kenya by the names of Wycliffe Kingori was convicted of offence he comited in March 2014. Medical report confirmed the student had raptured eardrum.
Court said prosecution has proved the case beyond reasonable doubt. Chief Magistrate Lucy Ambasi said that the act of slapping a minor thrice which her to under go major surgery is against professional ethics.
The Court also faulted the school of accusing the lady of practicing lesbianism without any evidence.
The magistrates also dismissed defendant saying it lacks merits. She asked the defence team to site any law that give them power to slap the student.
The teacher had submitted in his defence that he had received complaints from other students accusing the girl for forcing them into lesbianism. The student however denied the teacher asertation stating that they were mere fabrication by the teacher to justify his act.
Magistrate Ambasi concurred with the student in her ruling. She said even if the school had received accusations against the student it would have subjected the allegations to thorough investigation and given her appropriate punishment in line with school rules and regulations if the allegation was to be true. The wondered if slapping of student is of the punishment prescribed in school rules and regulations.
She ordered the school to draft comprehensive school rules and regulations so as to prevent such incidents from happening in future
Ms Ambasi, however, dismissed the charge of assault causing grievous harm against the teacher and instead convicted him on a simple assault.
Kenya Civil Society Organisations welcomed the ruling but added that the sentence was light compared to damages caused to student by the ruthless teacher. Lawyer of accused said they are studying the grounds for appeal

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