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Tamale Mirundi reveals how Museveni control of members of parliament

by James Ateenyi

Senior presidential adviser on media and political pundit Joseph Tamale Mirundi has said the ruling National Resistance Movement party has lost majority members of parliament to opposition strongman Bobi Wine and president Museveni can’t take anything for granted anymore.

Mirundi stated that that, the momentum the people power has gained has made it impossible for MPs to keep their loyalties to political parties and as such, NRM MPs cannot openly associate with Museveni.

He added that Bobi Wine through his message has created a lot of hostility making it very risky for the NRM members of parliament to move around freely around the country unless they begin telling people what they want to hear which is change of government.

Appearing on TV, Tamale asserted that Bobi Wine growth in popularity has rendered the Government Chief Whip Ruth Nankabirwa irrelevant as she has lost control over the ruling member of parliament.

He predicts even powerful people like Nankabirwa might lose to Bobi-backed candidates in 2021. Mirundi says its now risky for the MPs especially in Buganda to go against Bobi Wine than President Museveni who is the NRM chairman.

Tamale further stated that, during the mobile money tax votes in parliament, over 180 members of parliament belonging to National Resistance Movement decided to hid hide in order to dodged the vote because they have realized voting what Museveni wants no longer guarantees their political survival.

He gave an example of Mityana and its surrounding districts where he alleged that Bobi Wine’s man Francis Zaake Butebi has become a kingmaker to whom NRM MPs like Judith Nabakooba, Minister Kiwanda and others must kneel or else people power candidates will sweep them off.

He added Zaake’s influence now stretches as far as Kasanda in Mubende “because pro-Museveni MPs like Simeo Nsubuga is no longer a wanted product and can’t influence anything anymore.

Mirundi says NRM people are already scared of losing the upcoming Kasanda woman member of parliament Seat.

“They have been to my house begging me to go and demonize people power on Mubende radios but I told them I’m now a retired political canon because they chased me and gave my job to Don Wanyama. He is there go and invite him to talk on that radio. They tried to use Gen Salim Saleh to woo me back but I’m not interested in their things anymore,” Mirundi said.

Mirundi said predicting that the chances of Bobi’s People Power dominating the 2021-2026 Parliament are very high. He says Museveni has clearly lost control of his Parliament and may never regain it because MPs are now scared of their voters. Mirundi says Museveni should become more afraid of Bobi than he was with Amama Mbabazi.

He says even if Simeo, Nabakooba and Kiwanda all become Ministers, there is no way they are going to overcome Zaake’s influence in both Mubende and Mityana districts.

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