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Tamale Mirundi releases a book detailing Bryan White secrets

by James Ateenyi

Senior Presidential advisor on media, Joseph Tamale Mirundi has written a book about city socialite Brian Kirumira popularly known as Bryan White.

Tamale Mirundi published a 56 paged book titled Brian White- ‘The Story of a Malicious Footballer’.

In the book Tamale Mirundi tells the story of How Brian White doesn’t belong to the mafia gang.

“Brian White does not belong to the mafia gang. You must remember that mafia ensures that they control every important person in the country. If you refuse to work for them or accept to remain under their armpit, they fight you and remove you from government. I have always elaborated how government officials who are not members of the mafia gang are subjected to attacks through media”. his book reads in part.

Tamale Mirundi further adds that it is the work of mafias to influence stories to portray Bryan White who own Bryan White foundation as a criminal.

“The stories implicated him as a thief who has been found with a stolen vehicle in his residence. The police raided his home with an army of journalists with an intention to malign him. Even when he came out to defend himself, the shameless media gave it scanty publicity in order to protect their malicious story that was earlier published.” Tamale added.

Mirundi on various occasions that Uganda is a country that has been taken over mafias who mislead the president and the president as well.

He has in the past accused various government officials of running mafia networks to destabilise the country.

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