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Tamale Mirundi free advice to Anite angered mafias

Popularly known as the man who can deal with the mafia the hard way, Political analyst Tamale Mirundi has advised state minister for privatization, Evelyn Anite to surrender her position and have a second chance at life or else the Mafia will do away with her.

“Evelyn Anite should leave the government if she says mafias are after her. I know how they operate,” Tamale said while appearing on NBS’s One on One Show.

Mirundi revealed if anyone wants to suffer for their sins they should support Museveni because he is the only god who does not support his people adding that he has become a political liability so he can’t be trusted.

Mirundi affirmed that the NRM government was infiltrated by mafias who have a huge influence on how issues should be done so people like Anite should just surrender to defeat and move on with their lives.

“She’ll not speak again because these very mafias command the media,” he said.

He further noted that the only better way to serve Museveni is when one is a volunteer and not on his cabinet because that way the mafia has no influence on you,

“If you don’t want to be humiliated like that young woman, support President Museveni from the public but not in his government,” Tamale stated.

On Monday, Hon. Evelyn Anite popularly known for her “Majje” held a press conference where she revealed to the world that the mafia who are opposing the revival of Uganda Telecon want her dead before she declared that her nudes may be released so as to sabotage her.

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