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Tracing the movement of COVID positive truck driver

Coronavirus positve truck driver sends panic who was yesterday intercepted at Kamudini has caused massive fear among people of Northern Uganda

Gillian Akullu, the Oyam RDC has confirmed. The patient sent wild fears across Lango following reports that he allegedly interacted with locals of Uhurru Bar, Kakoge and Juba road in Lira district, a report that the North Kioga Police Spokesperson says he doesn’t have knowledge of.

Our efforts to reach the Lira DHO Dr.  Buchan Ocen for a comment did not yield as there are reports that the patient sought medical help at Lira Regional Referral Hospital over other ailments. According to an officer who was among the people who intercepted the patient at Kamdini but preferred anonymity, the patient hooked up with a local girl from Lira, and was riding with her in the truck.

After interception, he was being taken to Gulu referral hospital, but after consideration and consultations according to the Deputy Speaker of Parliament Jacob Olanya, the patient was referred and transported to Kampala.

Aruu North County MP Hon. Odonga Otto also made alarms and rallied communities in Acholi and Lango not to give pass to the Ambulance that was transporting the patient to Gulu Referral Hospital. The MP pursued the ambulance even after it made a turn and headed to Kampala. 

As reports say, the Cargo driver’s samples were taken for testing from Malaba, but was allowed to continue with his journey. Headed for S. Sudan, his results returned on Tuesday when he was already into the population, prompting authorities to trace his movements.

It is still unclear how many people the driver interacted with but the news have sent panics among the residents of northern Uganda especially Lira and Oyam districts with many blaming the government for allowing the drivers to continue with the journey before the results are out.

“Why do you test truck drivers and allow them to continue? If he turns out positive, do you know the number of people he will have interacted with on the way? Better style up people otherwise you are going to make us the epicenter. Dont be excited for nothing,” a furious local from Lira said.

It is believed that, the driver interacted with a number of people along the road especially the food vendors

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“I will castrate you for trying to destabilize the government” Bobi Wine warned

“The work of the RDC is to protect the interest of the government in power” – RDC Milton Odongo responds to critics saying he is engaging in politics instead of his professional duties.

“I will castrate anyone trying to destabilize the government in power. Stop saying the RDC is engaging in politics. There is politics everywhere, it is at home, in the stomach and everywhere!”- He said last evening while being hosted on Gwec Apoko.

Odongo recently made news when he sent out a message that was believed to have been aimed at Bobi Wine and People Power group. He reportedly said he won’t allow any “musician” in “his district” to destabilize peace, before adding that he will protect the interest of the government and won’t allow anyone take away his job.

“The peace brought by NRM government to this country is irreversible. I am chairman of security in this district and I will not accept any musician or dancer to come and cause problems here,” Odongo said.

“Musicians who want to cause problems shall be sent to bars where people sing and drink provided they follow the law and rule of the game.”

The statement drew criticism from sections of populations prompting RDC to hit back stating it clearly that he would defend Museveni for the rest if his life.

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Protesters over powered police after police vehicle knocks child dead

Transport have been disrupted along Lira Soroti road as locals engaged police in running battle.

Info256 has been told that a police vehicle attached to Dokolo Central Police Station knocked a child dead and the community in retaliation have blocked the road threatening to torch the vehicle.

Police have been forced to fire live bullets on air to scare the angry mob. By Friday evening, vehicles from Lira cannot access Dokolo town and beyond and traffic from either side have also been blocked.

The accident happened about 16:00 PM on Friday and locals accused police of acting with impunity.

“Police have been behaving like they own this country, they act the way way they wishes without following the law. We want justice,” an angry resident told us.

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Land minister Betty Amongi eat big as Okot Ogong bows out

Betty Amongi, the wife of Uganda People Congress president Jimmy Akena has been rewarded by Lango Parliamentary Group with fat position.