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Supreme Court writes to Mabirizi as age-limit case ruling takes new twist

by James Ateenyi

The Supreme Court has informed city lawyer Hassan Male Mabirizi, that his petition in which he is seeking for review of recent age limit verdict will be handled expeditiously.

Mabirizi accuses Chief Justice Bart Katureebe and three other judges of bias toward president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni due to conflict of interest.

As a result, he lawyer now wants the Supreme Court to nullify its own ruling in the age limit appeal.

In a letter dated 24th April 2019, Supreme Court Registrar Anguardia Opifemi told the petitioner that, at a suitable time his appeal will be fixed for hearing and accordingly, he will be informed.

Mabirizi filed his appeal on Tuesday before the Supreme Court, challenging the majority judgement of four Supreme Court judges, whom he accused of having conflict of interest in the matter, being that they had an attachment to the President who is the main beneficiary of the amendment.

The accused judges Justice Jotham Tumwesigye, Justice Stella Arach Amoko, who he accuses of having personal connections to the president, as well as the Chief Justice who the lawyer claims was not physically fit to provide a ruling the appeal.

Supreme Court has on Thursday last week upheld the Constitutional Court verdict paving way for president Museveni to seek for the sixth term in office.

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