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Supreme Court judges receives emotional letter

by James Ateenyi

Dear your Lordships the Judges of the supreme Court,

I wish to inform you that all the eyes of Ugandan are on you tomorrow. My Lords, Ugandans are not have set their eyes on you not because they expect you to act contrary to the violation of the Constitution that was done by both the executive and legislature also endorsed by the very Court that is supposed to be the custodian of the Constitution.

They are looking at you to confirm what they already believe in you that you are the one and the same. My Lords surprise us… give us Justice and let all of us see that be seen to have been done.

My Lords,am addressing you as a victim of the attack that was done to Parliament.

I will never be able to heal,my backbone was broken for life. My Lords,you also don’t live on Mars,you saw with your eyes what was done,you heard what was said by those in power and those who are led,you felt the pain all other Ugandan felt during that period and have like us all lived with the trauma that came with the violence with which the Constitution was amended.

As fate would have it,you chose the Pontius Pirato day to give the judgement.

1989 years ago,judges like you sat and feared those in authority to condemn Jesus…instead of dispersing Justice they started asking a mob what to do… Thousands of years later,those judges are remembered with contempt.

Thursday is your day to condemn Jesus or to be the followers of Jesus whose unjustified death gave you the faith upon which you all swore to be Judges or to act the Christians you prophecies to be.

Much obliged your Lordships.

By Betty Nambooze

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