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Student drag Museveni, top government officials to court over Twitter

A senior Minister in National Resistance Movement (NRM) government has blasted IGP Martin Okoth Ochola over lack of decorum and professionalism in the way newly recruited Local Defense Unit (LDU) personnel go about their work in the respective places where they are deployed.

Moses Kizige, who is Minister in charge of Karamoja Affairs, says his own son recently directly faced the wrath of the brutality with which LDUs treat citizens in order to extort money from them.

Speaking at Nsambya during the celebrations to mark Citizens Coalition for Electoral Democracy of Uganda (CCEDU) while representing the Prime Minister Ruhakana Rugunda, Kizige revealed that his son narrowly survived being sent back to his creator when he innocently drove into Namayiba Bus Park near Kisekka Market down town Kampala.

He had just dropped someone but as the young man drove out of the park, he was violently stopped by menacing looking men who introduced themselves as LDUs operating in the area. It was broad day light but Kizige the says rudimentary manner in which the LDUs acted created an impression their recruitment process had indeed been hijacked by wrong characters and hardcore criminals just like State-owned Bukedde newspaper reported on Sunday in an expose.

“You can imagine the extent to which a Minister’s son can assert himself in such a situation of clear lawlessness. My son assertively asked them you are stopping me for the driving permit as who? Are you traffic officers mandated to do that sort of work? This was sufficient to land him into hot trouble. There was a lot of scuffle that ensued and I don’t know what would have happened if he hadn’t called and got to me very quickly. I rang top people in Afande Kasingye’s things as you know and that is how my son survived. We got the fella arrested and the rest is history,” Kizige said.

The minister added that he will forward the complaint over the conduct of LDU to president Museveni who is commander in chief of the armed forces.

He further noted that the torture of his family member by the brutal LDU is uncalled for adding that security forces should be respectful to the population.

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