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Stolen police gun found with robbers

by James Ateenyi

One of the police guns that was stolen from police post in Lamwo district was recovered in Kitgum district in another robbery attempt.

The gun was one of the four submachine guns that disappeared from from Agoro police post under mysterious circumstances on Monday.

Aswa River Region Police spokesperson Jimmy Patrick Okema told media on Tuesday that one of the guns was recovered from East Ward A in Kitgum Municipality from a thug as attempted to rob a huge amount of cash from a bar.

“The suspect went to the bar at 2:15 am Wednesday morning, he attempted to rob money from a cashier, he was overpowered and his gun taken away, he, however, managed to flee away from the scene minus being arrested,” Mr Okema disclosed the gun number as UG-POL-565901955330643 belonging to Agoro Police post.

He added that the gun is kept at Kitgum central police station adding that five suspect has so far been arrested in connection to the incident.

He identified the suspects as Corporal Yeresu Mundura, the officer-in-charge of the Police Post, Police-constable Evelyn Aguminaitwe, Police constable, Zakaria Muya and his wife Janet Aol and Ericson
Ojok, a former crime preventer in Agoro sub-county.

“We want people to be cautious and report to police of suspicious individuals, the guns are out there and we have seen that through recovery of one of the guns,” Mr Okema said.

The Lamwo Resident District Commissioner Mr Jonathan Rutabingwa said said the security in the area has been beefed.

“The search for these guns is still ongoing, security has been beefed in Agoro Sub-county to guarantee the safety of the locals since they are unsure of the people who stole the guns whether they have ill motive,” Mr Rutabingwa said.

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