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Stella Nyanzi writes to Bobi Wine over failed promises

by James Ateenyi

Former Makerere University research fellow Dr written an open letter to the leader of people power movement Bobi Wine over the wailing conditions of people power conditions.

Nyanzi explainedthat the Asara Night and Shaban Atiku who were both injured injured in Arua needs urgent financial help.

Below is full letter of Stella Nyanzi to the vocal Makindye East member of parliament.

Dear Bobi Wine,

This morning I received a worrying phone call from Shaban Atiku and Night Asara who claimed that they are stranded in the corridor of Mengo Hospital where they have been admitted for the last sixteen days. Although they have both been discharged from hospital, their bills remain uncleared by about Two Million Uganda Shillings. They reported that the hospital beds they were assigned to are booked by new patients who will occupy them today.

Shaban Atiku urgently needs a wheel chair to facilitate his mobility from the hospital. None of the promises of a free wheel chair came through. Although he has two crutches, he cannot use them because his right fore arm is still in a POP cast setting his fractured radius. Furthermore, his right leg still lacks sensation. His five broken anterior ribs and two dislocated spinal discs make movement painful and difficult. While the rib belt and corset are still rehabilitating his fractures, he needs the wheel chair for his mobility for the next six months.

Night Asara was promised financial support by different Women’s Organisations. Most of these promises were lies. She was neither visited nor given money by these women activists. She was promised safe comfortable transport back to Arua for the two patients and their carer. However, there is no car to transport them back home. It seems like I will again provide them with my Toyota Ipsum – just as I did when the RDC of their home district denied them travel in the available ambulance.

I am writing to you, Bobi Wine, because I know that you not only care but also have the power to mobilise the requisite resources to bail Shaban Atiku and Night Asara out of their current stalemate. My fundraising drive which raised about Five Million Uganda Shillings was insufficient to cater for all the different financial needs. I stopped fundraising when the promises of financial support began flowing in.

Please help clear the bills at Mengo Hospital.
Please help get a wheel chair for Shaban Atiku.
Please help organise transport back to Arua.
Please help with post-hospitalisation therapy.

I trust that People Power can be a practical movement that takes care of its wounded heroes. I trust in your leadership, Bobi Wine!


Stella Nyanzi.

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