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State house clear the air on the expected Kagame visit

by James Ateenyi

State House has come out to refute the earlier media reports that Rwanda President Paul Kagame is expected in Uganda on Sunday, March 24.

Rwandan President Kagame was reportedly expected in Kampala on Sunday morning and that he was to meet his Uganda couterpart President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni at State House, in Entebbe for private talk.

President Museveni’s Press Secretary Mr. Don Wanyama has come out to deny the reports reveali that a meeting with Mr. Kagame was not on the Ugandan President programme.

Tensions between Uganda and Rwanda continue to dominate discussions in the region with president of DR Congo Felix Tshekedi visiting the state house to discuss the tension.

Kigali accuses Kampala of harassing its nationals through arrests and torture and has been advising Rwandans to restrict their travel to Uganda.

On the other hand, Kampala denies, claiming those detained are individuals suspected of spying.

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