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Ssenyonyi achievements in one week suprised NRM

by James Ateenyi

Joel Ssenyonyi was unveiled by Bobi Wine just less than a week ago as the official spokesperson of people power pressure group.

In few days in office, Ssenyonyi has already achieved a lot and going by his work rate, NRM has everything to worry about.

A strong believer in diplomacy, reaching out and deepening common understanding, Ssenyonyi has significantly been part of the pacification efforts that have enabled the Besigye and Kyagulanyi camps to rapidly make so much progress in such a short time.

The former NTV news anchor has been part of the several confidential meetings (some of them not very easy) including the one of Monday that finalized the minimum consensus that was jointly communicated in a communique signed by Besigye and Bobi Wine.

Ssenyonyi also proposed the joint press conference between People Power Movement and People Government which was jointly addressed by Ssenyonyi himself and Betty Nambooze last Wednesday.

During the Monday closed meeting (peripherally referred to in the communique), Ssenyonyi wasn’t only a key member of the Bobi Wine delegation but actually did much of the talking and engagement with Besigye on the sticking points as Bobi Wine, Chairman Fred Nyanzi, Nubian Lee and Barbie’s brother (a lawyer) keenly listened.

The Monday meeting led to the final agreement with both sides agreeing to work together without attacking each other for common goods.

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