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Socialite Judith Heard arrested by police over leaked sex tapes

by Odongo Christopher

Judith Heard

City socialite Judith Heard whose nude pictures were leaked recently has been arrested by police yesterday afternoon in Kampala.

Police said her arrests was due to disrespect of criminal summons on her side. According to Police, she was summoned twice to appear before detectives for investigations but she never responded on both occasions.

She recorded statement and has been detained pending investigations into her case under file number GEF 28/2018. She was arrested after being spotted by detectives while she was walking along Kampala street.

In late May several pictures allegedly belonging to her and sex tapes were leaked on social media platforms and made rounds on WhatsApp for close to two weeks.

Recently, police issued arrest warrants against Don Zella and Jack Pemba on allegation of releasing pornography materials.

Under pornography act, it is illegal to be in possession of pornography materials. Distribution and recording the same is also a criminal offense.

Recently a student at Uganda Christian University was arrested, charged and remanded on allegation of leaking her nude pictures.

Heard has previously denied leaking the picture and sex tape saying she was not the one in the recordings and had asked police to search for right person whose pictures were leaked on social media.

Recently Minister of Ethics and Integrity Father Lukodo said they have acquired anti pornography machines which detects all pornography materials. Uganda Communication Commission (UCC) has also order all telecom companies and internet providers to block all websites containing pornography materials in Uganda.

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