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Showdown loom as parliament plans to amend the constitution again

by James Ateenyi

A parliamentary Committee on Public Service and Local Government has proposed minimum education standards for District, Municipal and Division Councilors, as well as Chairpersons of the Sub-County.

The committee have suggested to government a minimum education qualification of Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE) or O’level for all councilors.

In their report, the members of parliament in their committee chaired by Aringa North member of parliament, Godfrey Onzima, attributed poor service delivery in the local government to councilors who do not have basic education and cannot comprehend laws and policies in English.

“The Committee noted that due to lack of minimum qualification standards for Councilors, unqualified people are joining elective politics yet they cannot articulate council issues. One of the major reasons why service delivery is poor, is because most of the technical information is communicated in English and only the educated can internalize it,” the report says.

The report further states that currently, a big number of councilors do not have even the minimum competence to interpret the basic things like the Bills of Quantities, budgets, Local Government Act, development plans and the Constitution which are all in English making it hard for the uneducated councilors to comprehend.

If passed into law, several councillors will have to go to go back to school or quit politics because majority of them do not have minimum education standards being proposed.

The proposals is likely to face resistance by several Local Council who are going to affected by the latest moves.

However the move was welcomed by several voters whom we manage to speak to with majority saying the uneducated politicians have led to lack of service delivery.

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