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Shocking personal details about Kawooya tormentors have emerged

by James Ateenyi

The security operative who displayed a lot of anger when abducting a DP party member Yusuf Kawooya, his fellow residents (Neighbors ) have narrated his horrible anger. The residents of Kyebando In Nsooba  Zooni Kampala suburb where Simon Kiryahika stays narrated to us his bad behaviors  and how dangerous he his, the fact is even if he finds young kids or children playing around the road heading to his residence, he slaps them together with flying kicks to disperse them.


Yusuf Kawooya who was beaten

At his place he doesn’t have a wife and the fact is he had been with 3 women in the last 3 years all of them left him because of mistreatment’s he had been making them go through. All these women each left with a kid. They neighbors have compared his rage and anger to that of Joseph Kony or Obote.

He has three children each with a separate mother (making these ladies single moms). Those with rental units near his home say most of the times he threatens them with the gun loaded with bullets.

Simon Kiryahika aged 41 is born in Kisooro district he came to kampala when he is very young aged around 5 years. Due to this he known to be fluent in most of local languages like Luganda, Lusoga and his ancestral language.

In his youth he was know as a  free loader, used to have a kiosk on Luwumu street selling used clothes and some plastics. later on he started joining hands with Crime preventer of the area to get connections to big men in the security agencies. He was refereed to as informer by Flying squads and other secret security operatives, provided information on the suspects wanted by police.

Later on after few years people started seeing him guns and he started boasting in the area as he was working with CMI and sometimes with ISO.


Simon in blue shirt holding a gun

He is the man who was sen with the gun wearing a blue shirt in the video which was recorded by record TV a local station in Uganda. His victim was Kawooya Yusuf a political Member of DP. Reports have surfaced that Kawooya was intensively interrogated in relation with ADF and the alleged stoning of presidential motorcade in Arua.

One of his childhood friend (Names withheld) has narrated to us how he joined the security agencies(army in particular), h said kiryahika to join the army was after an unfortunate scenario where the Expensive phone was stolen  and the owner of the phone used CMI to locate for him the phone. The phone was found with Kiryahika who was reprimand by CMI. In his defense he took them to the person who sold him the phone.

He requested the officers to take them to the one who sold him the phone, he took them to Nsooba and showed them the young man who had sold him the phone. The culprit was known to be in his criminal gang.

At this very moment Simon was hand cuffed, he requested to be removed from the hand cuffs to point on the guy, who had started running for his life. The skills and tactics Simon used or displayed to apprehend the thief amazed the CMI officers.

This is how he was given the chance to join them due to his experience in criminology and gang affairs. From that moment simon has been rising from one rank to another. He is known to be well versed with the corridors of kampala and its suburbs.



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