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Shocking details on why Frank Gashuba attacked Bobi Wine emerged

by Odongo Christopher

People power supporters are up in arms blasting sumuka Uganda boss Frank Gashuba for his social media post where he told his followers that Kyadondo East member of parliament Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine will not be president of Uganda.

The state angered several People Power supporters many of them accusing him of working for president Museveni.

One angry supporter by the names of Swalih Lukwago said Gashuba and Museveni entered into agreement to destroy oppositions.

Here is Lukwago full story he posted on his social media page.

Who created Frank Gashumba?
Why did he creat him?
How did he creat him?
What led to his down fall.

The Gashumba story involves Museveni, Kale Kaihura and Gashumba’s father was arrested many times for spying Uganda on behalf of the Rwandans who joined Museveni to fight Obote.

The son too was arrested for esponage by Museveni who suspected him after parting with Kayihura who created him in the most gruesome way.

Kayihura hatched a plan to burn k Nabukeera where Gashumba was to come in as a good Samaritan.

In deed their plan yeilded where simple minded Ugandans sympathised with Nabukeera and applauded Gashumba for his generosity.

Kaihura paid many media out lets to host Gashumba who became more popular thus coming up with a pressure group called sisimuka Uganda(awaken Uganda).

He traversed the whole country meeting people of all walks of lives where he even conned many in land matters and abroad jobs.

He used to give many police stations and posts computers for good record keeping of information Kayihura was so much interested in.

Gashumba becama famous where he would be hosted by Bassajja Mivule on Akaboozi fm and nbs tv.

He spied on each and every one his boss was interested in and after,Kayihura arranged a two consecutive meetings between Gashumba and Museveni.

Gashumba straight from his father were spies and his father recommended him to Kayihura.

He lost relevance when M7 realised that he was using his name to con many people,smuggle minerals, defraud people and espionage.

Stopped all media outlets from hosting him and Kim Karisa fought him over his attempts to spoil Karisa Kagame deals.

He ordered the army to arrest him who sacrificed Kayihura to M7 thus releasing him.

He cautioned him not to temper with him any more.
So,Hon.Robert Kyagulanyi supporters,do not be distracted by his utterances.
He is buying favour from his boss he parted with.

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