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Shocking details emerged on crucified NRM supporter

According to emerging reports, Baker Kasumba, 21 an NRM die hard who resides at Makerere Kavule survived a mob attack after being caught red handed stealing from Kaleerwe market.

The mob rounded on him and started beatings seriously him leaving him severely injured.

Kasumba was surprisingly wearing a yellow barret identifying with the ruling NRM party.

His identity with NRM severely angered the charged mob which led to nailing him with six inches nails that pierced their way through his palms.

Police statement on the mob attack

Kampala Metropolitan Police has embarked on with investigations under what circumstances Kasumba was tortured.

Police spokesperson Onyango said Kasumba, who is currently out of danger, narrated that before the attack, he was confronted by a stranger who warned him against supporting NRM and President Yoweri Museveni.

Kasumba reported that the confrontation happened while he was at his workplace at Jesco Ham Shopping Centre on August 25.

Onyango said they believe the attack on Kasumba was planned. “The attackers seem to have trailed him all the way from his workplace. This kind of political violence cannot be allowed in Uganda. This is not a good political strategy to whoever is using it,” he pointed out.

Onyango branded this as political intimidation, behaviour he said the Police will not tolerate. He urged whoever is trying to employ political intimidation as a strategy to desist from it, lest they face arrest and prosecution. “We condemn the attack in the strongest terms it deserves.”

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