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Shock as Kadaga sacks driver over witchcraft

by James Ateenyi

The Speaker of Parliament, Rebecca Kadaga has sacked her longtime driver over suspicion that he went to meet a witch ‘doctor’ without informing her.

According to sources at parliament, Kadaga was annoyed with a one Ngobi whom she accuses of indulging in witchcraft. It is remembered that two years ago, Kadaga went to a shrine in Iganga to meet her witch doctor and therefore, it isn’t surprising that her driver has been dealing in the same trade.

“We were surprised when Ngobi turned up for work in the morning but instead the guards to the Speaker chased him away informing him that he had no job as he had been fired” a source said.

Nevertheless, Ngobi wasn’t the only one sacked as many other people have been summarily sacked her. The following have been sacked by word of mouth from the so called “Kamuli Iron Lady” of sorts but what is interesting is all of them are her fellow Basoga tribe-mates.

A one Ruth, formerly her ADC, used to carry Kadaga’s bag and did the unthinkable of cleaning her wound as well when she fell sick. She was sacked because of the rumour that she was working with Mbabazi. Kadaga didn’t give the woman chance to defend herself.

Kadaga worked her sources within police and asked that she be transferred to Moroto. However, the woman was taken to Budaka district and later tranfered to Namave police post where she is suffering.

Eddy Basoga. This is a son of the late Basoga Nsadhu the former Minister of Information.

He had been seconded as a Personal Assistant to the Speaker but on contract. He was also sacked basing on rumours from a one Hellena Namutamba who masquerades as an Intelligence operative and the woman at the centre of giving her falsified intelligence reports to Kadaga.

Sophie, this is another personal assistant to the Speaker whom she personally recruited to her office.

She is a daughter to one of her longtime campaign managers in Kamuli. She was sacked due to the rumour that she was a spy for Foreign Affairs Minister, Sam Kutesa and First Lady. This is the girl she accused at one point. Kadaga came out openly confronting Mr. Kutesa and others for allegedly funding her opponents.

Longest serving ADC-Abbey to Kadaga was also sacked in similar way and she accused him of being a mole of State Minister for Lands, Persis Namuganza.

She wanted Abbey demoted and sent back to the barracks but senior security officers at parliament pleaded for him and she left him around parliament but not in her security detail.

His reason for sacking is that he answered a phone call while she was at a function. She suspected the phone call was from the First Lady and that they were spying on her.

Also sacked is the commandant of parliament police unit Ngobi was also dismissed.

However, the sacking of these people has angered a group of leaders from Busoga who accuse Kadaga of listening to nonstarters like Namutamba.

They assert that Namutamba who claims to be a presidential appointee on land matters is a fraud whom Kadaga seconded to State House without knowing her origins.

She is the woman forging reports for Kadaga claiming they are from Internal Security Organisation (ISO).

The leaders from Busoga have resolved to meet the president and table their side of the story as regards the sacking of their children.

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